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A man journeyed to the past and on tour to the present setting off on a peregrination through the lofty mountain  down stream to the captivating beautiful bay of my home town Baybay.

Please always keep the bell ringing to remind us all that we have  reached the golden years.

Filipino family in the barangay is a reminder of idyllic rural scene.In the mid and late 60's Utod/Guadalupe pictureque a charmingly simple and serene yet carefree, full of fun amid the struggling way of living. Getting daily sustenance sometimes could hardly meet both ends.

My childhood memories resembles a carefree, complete of its childlike fun. "Tata Berting " a first degree cousin love to do fishing fresh water stuff like budod - a kind of fresh water fish black in color, smooth and got a rounded with scales-less body, as well as uyang - a fresh water shrimp. And often time help collecting left-over raceme and panicles after reaping ripped rice locals term this as"hagdaw" that is when and if the harvester can not make it to gather all the bundled panicles so what is left in the field will be for us"Manghahagdaw"during harvesting season. These always happened every time Tiya Vita and Nanay Pacin worked in an opened devoted to rice situated  in the upper portion of lago-lago river. It usual for the sibling to help our mother in the field even during school days, just in the middle of the day we usually rushed to get out of school ahead of the usual time our classmates do. Getting out in hurry to prepare food packed with half heated banana leaves.Doubled pace at quarter to 12:00 noon to catch up time for  lunch  we could have imagine ourselves hastily almost running passing through Lago- lago channel upstream to where my aunt and mother are working.

The very reason I did essayed my humble place of origin is just to show to the world that I belong to a peasant, born to a lowly family in a countryside. I am proud to be one.



Trivia: Did you know that?

Barangay Guadalupe had reached it GOLDEN years?

Yes! We are now 51 year old as a Barangay last JUNE 21. 2010.


Bakit kaya walang celebration na nangyari???!!!

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‑040819s1959 ph u p |||u0|||u0eng u

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GPD P1.6 1959 55(40)

Title Statement

Republic Act No. 2606, an act changing the name of the barrio of Utod in the municipality of Baybay, province of Leyte, to Guadalupe


Section 1.     The name of the barrio of Utod in the Municipality of Baybay, Province of Leyte, is changed to Guadalupe. 

Section 2.     This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Enacted withoexecutive approval, June 21, 1959.

Linking Entry Complexity Note

In: Official Gazette (Oct. 5, 1959) p. 8449-8450

Subject Added Entry - Geographic Name

Utod -- Barrio of Baybay Leyte


Guadalupe -- Barrio of Baybay Leyte

Textual Physical Form Designator



NLP Filipiniana Government Publication T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila GPD P1.6 1959 55(40) ph nlp00209911 NLP 195792



DECEMBER 1, 2010 is officially our first day into office as a Barangay Councilors a week later to the induction officiated by 5th district Congressman Jose Carlos Loreto Cari on a mass oath taking held at Baybay City Gym Nov. 25, 2010.

The new set of Guadalupe Barangay council:

Captain: Hon. Sandy A. Abungan

Councilors: Hon. Manuel M. Arabiana

                     Hon. Monico C. Amihan

                     Hon. Isidro A. Amihan

                     Hon. Jose Amihan Espinosa

                     Hon. Herminia B. Alba

                     Hon. Artemio Nayre

                     Hon. Alejandro C. Bartolini

SK chairman: Hon. Melvince R. Martirez

Barangay - History

Formerly Barangay Guadalupe is a part of or a sitio of Barangay Gabas known as Utod. The word utod means "cut" in English. An equally viable story, mostly known is that Utod got it name as a by product of sawing "Gabas". So, the product of sawing is a piece of something being cut or done.

Historically, a Barangay  is relatively a small community of around 50 to 100 families, Most villages has only 30 to 100 houses and the population varies from 100 to 500 persons. According to Legazpi, he found communities with 20 t0 30 persons only. Many coastal villages in Visayan region consisted of no more than 8 to 10 houses. The word itself derived from ancient Malay boat called Balangay. It is commonly believed in precolonial Philippines, each coastal Balangay formed as a result of settlers arriving by boat.

OnJune 21, 1959 by virtue of Republic Act No. 2606, an act changing the name of barrio Utod in the municipality of Baybay, province of Leyte, to Guadalupe.It was then the time of Philippine 4th congress ( 1957-1961 ) represented by Congressman Alberto Aguja a representative from the 2nd legislative district of Leyte. Normally the congressman is the one responsible for passing a law converting a village into a Barrio or Barangay.The municipality of Baybay  along with the municipalities of Inopacan, Hindang, Hilongos, Bato, Matalom, Albuera, (Ormoc) became a city only in 1947 and Kananga established only in 1950 all belong to the 2nd district of Leyte. The 2nd district of Leyte was represented by the late Congressman Domingo Veloso predecessor of Congressman Alberto Aguja who served the 1st congress(1946-1949), the 2nd congress(1949-1953), and the 3rd congress(1953-1957). Practically, Congressman Domingo Veloso served the congress from 1946 to 1957 in row from the first congress to the third congress.

1959 the same year the province of Souther Leyte was created. This was then the time of President Carlos P. Garcia another President from the Visayas region.

Barangay Guadalupe is located 7 kilometers north from the town proper of Baybay in the province of Leyte. On the East Backdrop the Grandeur of Pangasugan Mountain to the West the Beautiful Camotes sea to the north the Visayas State University and to the south the mother Barangay of Gabas.

Our Barangay is headed by Hon. Alexander A. Abungan( Punong Barangay) the chairman of Guadalupe Sangguniang Barangay. He lead the Barangay councilors(Kagawad) composed of Hon. Manuel M. Arabiana, chair committe on Agriculture,Fisheries, Cooperatives and Livelihood. Hon. Monico C. Amihan chair on Finance, Ways and Means, Rules and Laws. Hon. Isidro A. Amihan chair on Social Services, Hon Jose A. Espinosa chair on Education and Environment, Hon. Herminia B. Alba chair on Health, Hon. Artemio T. Nayre chair on Peace and Order and Hon. Alejandro C. Bartolini chair on Infrastructure and Public Utilities Maintenance.The SK Chairman head of the youth council is the 8th member to the council Hon. Melvince R. Martirez direct the Youth oriented activities and Sports, with him are his members to the youth council the sprung out of the Kabataan Barangay which started during the Marcos Admininstration.

To East backdrop the Grandeur of Mt. Pangasugan.


To the West the Beautiful Camotes Sea.

To the North the Visayas State University.

To South Our former Mother Barangay Gabas as seen in the Background.

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June 21, 2011 Tuesday

The Guadalupe Barangay Council together with the Tanods',BHWs', Zone leaders and some other officials joined hand in hand in commemorating the 52nd years of Barangay Guadalupe held at Bantay Dagat Center.

COASTAL CLEAN-UP. December 3, 2010.

Sk chairman Melvince R. Martirez in colored violet t-shirt with SAE group.